Dell Latitude 5420- A Tremendous Business Laptop

Dell Latitude 5420- A Tremendous Business Laptop

With the rise in the digital working industry, the importance of digital equipment is also at its peak. Every digital creator, worker, and businessman wants to grab the best equipment at a reasonable price. The most necessary equipment is a laptop which is in demand nowadays. Finding a top-notch laptop at your desired price is not a piece of cake now, but Dell Latitude 5420 relates to your requirements. It is a crown holder when it comes to managing your business because it works efficiently and runs smoothly, which is reasonably necessary.

It is primarily for business owners who want to meet their dedication. The laptop is relatively inexpensive for business owners because they must work a lot on their devices and meet deadlines. It provides them with a feeling of satisfaction due to its top-notch performance.

When we come to the performance, we must look at its other qualities. So, let’s go.

Dell Latitude 5420 Specifications

CPUCore i5-8350U
graphicsUHD 620
Battery Life22 Hours
Display14 inch
Weight3.600 Lbs  


With a screen of 14 inches and pixels of 1920 x 1080, it provides a satisfactory display to its user. The display’s refresh rate is 60-Hz, which provides a fast display response. It helps us when it comes to turning from one point to another. The brightness also does not decrease when we turn on battery-saving mode. 


The laptop contains processors of Intel’s Core series. These processors help to manage the performance of the laptop in different ways. This helps to make them proficient in business work which must be sustained without a gap.


The laptop’s fantastic point is that it contains more ports than average. These ports work effectively for different jobs, such as charging other devices and connecting equipment. With the technology of Thunderbolt 3, these ports are added to work effectively. Due to this, they provide high transfer speed and also work proficiently when it comes to connecting other devices. 

Amazingly, it provides SD card and SIM card ports. SIM card ports are added because they can serve you when you want to use an LTE connection. Many other ports are also available, including USB 3,0 and USB-C ports.

Dell Latitude 5420 of Battery Life

The laptop battery time is claimed for 22 hours, but it does not happen practically. While using it with complete independence, I mean on full brightness, other software was working; its battery lasts 12 hours.

In the following analysis, when battery saver mode was on and another unnecessary app was on sleep, it effectively changed battery extension. Still, it claimed battery backup was unable to be met.

Dell Latitude 5420 Graphics is like a gaming laptop

Graphics are also the thing that matters a lot. So, the laptop provides you best graphics quality among many laptops of its generation. An analysis shows that this laptop allows us to play racing games with 146 frames in one second. This happens when we take help from the discrete graphic card. It enhances performance by doubling from 76 fps to 146 fps which is fantastic.

The laptop performed well on my test and got a high score on the 3DMark Unlimited test.

Excellent Keyboard

The amazing thing about Dell Latitude is that its keyboard is fantastic and fits the slim size of the laptop. It provides a smooth experience when you use it and will never bother you with missing keystrokes.

While having such a massive screen, having a keyboard with such a layout was essential. The left side keys of the keyboard are bigger because when it comes to business purposes, these keys are highly utilized regularly.

Shift, tab key, and caps lock are those keys. These keys play a vital role in incrementing the efficiency of work. It also saves time which can be utilized to work more.

Keyboard backlighting also works to make laptop design more proficient. It provides three different backlighting options, which you can change on other occasions. It will make your presence more tremendous.

Speakers of Dell Latitude 5420

The laptop industry never thinks about the working ability of speakers because they mainly build laptops for work. Still, the speakers of Dell Latitude 5420 are tremendous and provide the best audio quality performance. With high bass, this audio quality gives another level of satisfaction.

Remember that I am not saying they are better than all others. It just soothes me, and I claim it. Despite this, this laptop team does not claim high-quality speakers, but it was my opinion.

Price And Warranty

The price of the Dell Latitude 5420 laptop varies between $1000 to $1200. Undoubtedly, it seems costly but not for business owners. They know the importance of high-quality equipment in business. As the device is expensive, it will allow you to work with productivity and enhance your business.

Further, it provides a warranty of one year. You can claim a new laptop if it causes any technical issues.


The cooling fan works to maintain temperature. If it works efficiently and exhausts all heat to the outer environment, you will not face any issues regarding temperature. At regular times, it maintains its temperature at 30 °C, but when it faces burden and under load conditions, it may reach above 40 °C.

It seems not an issue when your cooling fan is working effectively. It will provide you the confidence to avoid getting bothered due to temperature issues.

Dell Latitude 5420 System Noise is super silent

Not just this laptop; all laptops have no system noise. When you work moderately, and your device has no load issue, it works smoothly. In such conditions, the temperature of your device remains normal, and not even a cooling fan is working.

Despite this, when you make the load on the device, and it feels pressure, it will face high-temperature issues. At that time, the cooling fan will work fast to excrete heat from the device. There you may face a little noise from the cooling fan because it works fast to make your device compatible with your job.

Wrap Up

Dell Latitude 5420 is a fantastic device that benefits business owners differently. Business laptops are not easy to buy when it comes to these devices, but they are worth the price. It works smoothly and provides a stress-free working experience, but I suggest you, if you have a budget, think about any other tremendous business laptop.


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