Biocentrism Debunked: Flaws Of Biocentrism

Biocentrism Debunked: Flaws Of Biocentrism

Regarding science and observations, we always prefer science over them. That’s why physics is ruling other sciences, but now many different phenomena are happening in the world of sciences. Biocentrism theory is a turning point for all sciences. It is because it affects the way to understand the world. It prefers observations over experiments. The theory was a highly debated theory at the time, but it also had some flaws due to which it seems “Biocentrism Debunked.”

The topic is interesting, and we have many facts to tell you about it, but in this post, we will talk about the reasons that are the cause of debunking biocentrism. Before going into these flaws of biocentrism, we will go through a deep and clear introduction to the theory.

This way, you will know more about the theory and understand whether these flaws are authentic or non-genuine. At the end of the post, an important note is awaiting you.

What Is Biocentrism Theory?

The meaning of biocentrism word is that human needs are not crucial compared to other organisms or surroundings.

Relating to the meaning, the theory is that humans are not superior organisms to other creatures.

This theory also claims that every small object we observe has its importance and benefits the whole universe as a contribution. “Dr. Robert Lanza” is the 3rd most honored scientist from all over the world who claims this theory and wrote a book about it.

During his interview at the Sciences and Nonduality conference in 2010, he claimed that it’s time to make some turns in sciences which we use to understand the world.

Now, we must jump from physics to biology to understand the world. He claims that everything we see is just happening in our minds. We see people and places and feel emotions are all the game of our minds. Even time and space, which are highly respectable for all of humanity, depend on observers (us).

It seems like it verifies the term “observation effect,” a physics term. According to it, the world we observe exists because we observe it, and Lanza says the same thing. He said that all exist because it is observed by conscious life (we).

Flaws In Biocentrism: Why Biocentrism Debunked?

In science history, when a theory is represented, it goes through a different process to become a law. Same thing here; the theory faces many issues and debates where they talk about biocentrism flaws which can lead to biocentrism being debunked.

Below, we will also go through these flaws, which can lead theory to such trauma.

Biocentrism Debunked Completely Rely On Observations

The theory’s main downside is that it relies entirely on observation, while science works with evidence. It is just something unseen, but science always prefers things that we can measure.

Biocentrism Debunked Unable To Test

When it comes to a theory, other scientists must be able to challenge it and conduct experiments to check that it is accurate or false, which is impossible to do in this matter. No one can challenge this theory because it is not able to test or prove it right or wrong, making it unscientific.

For example, other theories about space and time, such as the theory of relativity by Einstein, give a scientific understanding of both. Further, many scientists challenge it and provide results that prove him right. These theories have scientific evidence, but it has no scientific evidence.

No Scientific Evidence

Scientifically, consciousness has no quantity and presence compared to other physical forces. So, scientists have another reason to debunk the biocentrism theory.

Other Points Where Theory Has Less Evidence But Has Logical Explanations

1.       It claims that the whole universe is due to our observation. There is no reality in the universe, and that’s all creation of our consciousness. This is again a point where science can debunk it because the universe can be measured according to science and evidence.

2.       The theory is based on observation, but cosmic events and evidence about them show that the universe cannot observe, which means it is beyond observation (this theory).

3.       It highly denies the 2nd law of thermodynamics. This law states that issues or disorders increase with time, but when it comes to a life made with consciousness, it can make severe changes against this law.

So, Why Biocentrism Still Not Debunked Completely?

The reason behind this is that the theory is presented by a personality who is one of the top 3 best scientists worldwide. Further, he wrote a book on the topic and provided suitable explanations to everyone to prove his theory right.

Further, these explain why the theory still has some space.

  1. The theory explains all about consciousness so that no one can deny it.
  2. Sciences working to deny this theory cannot explain the existence of consciousness, but it is present.
  3. We and many other beings are conscious in any way. That is all because consciousness is the foundation of life and the universe.
  4. The theory also provides a detailed explanation of the working mechanism of the universe.
  5. It provides in-depth knowledge about how effectively the universe is fine-tuned.

How Can Biocentrism Debunked Affect Our Lives?

According to the theory, no one is superior. Every being is providing benefits to one another. So, our perspective on life will be changed completely.

  1. By approving this theory, life will get easier because we will live a life with equality. We will take care of all things which are in our surroundings. Even we will respect stones that also have consciousness, according to theory.
  2. Observations will matter more than scientific evidence.
  3. Afraid of death will vanish because theory claims that we never die but move on from one universe to another.
  4. We will not care too much about all that matter, such as properties, because it will end when our observation ends. This will allow us to get out of the rat race and will soothe our souls.

Overall, the theory is neither completely denied nor accepted, but it can change the concept of life with logical explanations and observations.


Is biocentrism meat with philosophy in any way?

Yes, we all discussed above that biocentrism raises many questions about the universe and evidence with logical explanations.

How does the theory explain consciousness?

According to this theory, the whole universe depends on consciousness. The formation of all others is due to it. The theory claims it is the foundation of all happening.

Is the world fine-tuned and working on its own?

The theory claims that every minor happening in the universe has something behind it. With explanations, it argues that the whole universe is fine-tuned and every happening happens very accurately.

Important Note:

You can read “Biocentrism” book, which will serve you all possible explanations about the concept, and you can understand it more precisely. Also, fantastic content is available on YouTube about the topic.


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