Bree Purganan? mother of Jalen Green, Biography

Bree Purganan? mother of Jalen Green, Biography

Bree Purganan date of birth is not known. There is a possibility that she could have been born in the period 1986-91. She is a famous Filipino American nurse, businesswoman, and housewife.
People know her most for being she is the mom of Jalen Green, a well-known basketball player. He is currently playing in the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association. As per these reports, Jalen has been named among the most sought-after five prospects for the 2021 NBA Draft.


Bree finished her studies at a prestigious institution in the city of her birth. After graduating and getting a job, she began working as a nurse. Today, she is a registered nurse and a housekeeper living in California, United States.

About the purganan family tree:

Bree Purganan belongs to the Filipino nationality and is of Asian ethnicity. In reality, she was born to an affluent family. So, throughout her childhood, she had no financial difficulties and could pursue her passions freely. But, she is not keen to show her parents’ or siblings’ names or professions to the public.
Unfortunately, the famous mom is not willing to reveal who was her previous spouse to the media. The couple gave birth to their son on the 9th of February, 2002, as her son is an elite basketball player and has a height of 6 feet 6 inches. According to reports, Bree married for the second time to Marcus Green.

Bree’s married life

Bree Purganan

Based on reports, Bree Purganan married Jalen’s stepfather, Marcus Green, in an unrelated marriage. Marcus Green, her husband, is an ally with NBA basketball player DeShawn Stevenson. Bree is proud to be the mother of a beautiful daughter.

Fame on social media:

She shared pictures of herself and her mom through various social media profiles. According to her profile on Facebook, the name of her brother is Josh Bass. She also shares photos of her family members and herself on Facebook.

Career of Bree Purganan:

Bree Purganan is a professional nurse and homemaker. She is a homemaker who prefers to spend her time with the family. In addition, she actively contributes to spreading awareness of breast cancer.
Bree Purganan enjoys spending time with her kids. She is a certified nurse who is honest about her job. Apart from her work, she also has responsibilities for the home. She also has a backyard inside her house. She planted various varieties of flowers, plants, and trees.

Bree Purganan Net Worth:

She is an extremely successful woman in terms of income. She has a stunning home in her home country. Bree Purganan has a net worth of between 1 and 2 million dollars. It is a lot she earned throughout her career as a nurse and the famous parent of Jalen green.


Ultimately, it is clear we can say that Bree Purganan is one of the most well-known celebrity mothers. Naturally, she is extremely satisfied with the success of her son. Jalen Green is among the best athletes in basketball within the NBA. He is also adamant about her mother’s role in shaping his future. Jalen and Bree are in a close relationship with one another.


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