Nadine Caridi Short Biography

Nadine Caridi Short Biography

Nadine Caridi, at present known as Nadine Macaluso, is a compelling model cum entertainer. Nadine Caridi is additionally famous for being Jordan Belfort’s subsequent spouse. She met Belfort in the last part of the 1980s while the money fraudster was as yet hitched to his most memorable spouse. As per Page Six, Caridi was acquainted with Belfort by her own ex, business visionary, and race vehicle driver Alan Wilzig. The electrifying English excellence had an effective demonstrating life that prompted her fame as an entertainer in different Hollywood blockbuster films.

Early Life

Nadine Caridi, referred to numerous as the Duchess of Straight Edge, was brought into the world in London, Britain on November 06, 1962, and holds both English and American ethnicity.

Caridi’s folks moved to Brooklyn, New York US when she was only a youngster and she spent her whole youth there. She doesn’t discuss her folks so we don’t have anything about them.

In the meantime, Nadine Caridi went to John Dewey Secondary School in Brooklyn and went to Pacifica Graduate Foundation for an Expert in Clinical Brain science. She got her Ph.D. in 2015.

Since Nadine got her Ph.D., she’s been filling in as a marriage mentor and family specialist. As of now going by the name, Dr. Nadine Macaluso.

Fast Realities

Name: Nadine Caridi
Identity: British
Sex: Female
Renowned For: Being the ex of Jordan Belfort, a famous stockbroker
Conjugal Status: Wedded
Present Spouse: John Macaluso
Total assets: $5 million
Height: 5′ 8″ (178 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55kg)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Nadine Caridi began her Displaying profession when she turned into the banner young lady of “Mill operator Light” brew. From that point onward, she turned into somewhat renowned, in any event, in the style and displaying world. She then showed up in different public missions, however, she wasn’t half renowned as she became after she began having an unsanctioned romance with the famous street pharmacist, Jordan Belfort.

Her distinction didn’t get her much agreement, and nor did it advance her displaying profession. As a matter of fact, she wound up turning into a spouse and was exposed to her new husband who was famously known and showed up in the news. Her profession halted as a model when she wedded Belfort.

What Is Nadine Doing Now?

Caridi is now professionally known as Dr. Nae. Armed with her certifications, she works in confidential practice as an authorized marriage and family specialist and relationship master. She parts her time between Hermosa Oceanside, California, and Glen Bay, New York.

She as of now runs an emotional well-being YouTube channel called Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar, which exhibits “individuals who flourished subsequently to conquering testing agonizing encounters and show how affliction changed them, enhance their lives, and assist them with arriving at their novel potential.”

Nadine Caridi Was Hitched to “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Caridi met her ex towards the finish of the 1980s after her business person and race vehicle driver ex Alan Wilzig presented them at a July fourth Westhampton Ocean side Local party.

At the point when they met, Belfort was as yet hitched, yet he before long separated from his most memorable spouse, and he and Caridi wedded in 1991. On July 29, 1993, they invited their most memorable youngster, Chandler. She turned into their main girl.

On August 15, 1995, they invited their main child and second kid, Carter. Their marriage endured just eight years, and by 1998, they had separated.

Individual Life

She met Jordan at one of his gatherings where the two were presented by her beau around then, Alan Wilzig. They later got hitched in 1991 and have two kids, a little girl Chandler and a child Carter. They got separated in 2005 because of Belfort’s issues with substance misuse, fakeness, and extramarital undertakings. Jordan served 22 months in jail for his wrongdoings.

Nadine was at first hitched to money manager and stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. The two met at a party, and both had a moment of fascination. In any case, during this time, Belfort has been hitched to his secondary school darling, Denise Lombardo.

In any case, after getting separated, Jordan sealed the deal with Caridi in 1991. They kept an Exquisite function in the Caribbean.

Sadly, their association hit the stone, Jordan continued to get captured in view of his misrepresentation and infidelity, which was the justification behind their separation. Following thirteen years of staying together, the two at long last separated

At present, Nadine is hitched to money manager John Macaluso whom she wedded a year after her separation


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